Why a Deadlift Party?

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The Deadlift Party


At Clear Cut Fitness we have a lot of amazing clients ranging from all sorts of fitness levels; beginners to intermediate to advanced and professional athletes. One thing that always surprises me is that at almost any level, there are people who have never barbell deadlifted.

WHAAAT?! That's one of my favourite exercises, it's so beneficial, but why have they squatted, bench pressed, rowed, pull up'd, cartwheeled and god knows what else, but haven't deadlifted?!

Naturally, I asked them why?

Most answered it's because:

  • They never learned how
  • They're intimidated by it
  • They either feel their low back too much, or they injured their back in the past

The first 2 are totally understandable. At Clear Cut, we always do our best in coaching you through the exercises, what you should and shouldn't be feeling as well as selecting a weight or exercise variation that won't be intimidating for you.

The third is not.

We make sure you don't injure yourself and set you up with what you need to lose fat, build muscle or improve sports performance. This means teaching proper technique and allowing yourself to reap ALL the benefits that the deadlift has to offer.

 Clear Cut Fitness loves Deadlifts, Drinks and our Clients.

What better way to show our appreciation than hosting a crazy fun event where everyone can work up to a new deadlift max, have a couple beveys with the crew and let loose. 

We had such a great time hosting this event. It had a HUGE turnout and best of all - EVERYBODY hit a new PR and built self-confidence to push it at the gym while having a good time.

Check out our highlight video of the party!


We're keeping the tradition going... This time around, it's a lifting party in general. Come test your strength with any lift and have some fun!

The next one is coming soon... April 21, 2018.

Where: Clear Cut Fitness, 1370 Danforth Ave

When: 12-5pm April 21, 2018

What to bring: Yourself, come in gym clothes, food and drinks will be provided but feel free to bring your own beverages. 


The Marathon Runner With A Booty


Here's a glimpse of what an actual set looks like when I'm training a client.

There's no drill sergeant yelling in her face (other than Lamb of God in the background).

There's no fake ear to ear smile saying "Yeah You Can Do It!". 

This is what REAL Personal Training looks like and...

This is Angela, she's a KILLER marathon runner, and she pays attention to detail. Her main goals are to improve her running performance and to build a booty like Kim K (obvi).


Now you COULD go the typical route and give her a regular set of squats, regular tempo, regular set and rep scheme and regular feedback which would yield regular results...

You know what I mean. The 3 sets of 10 squats. The Kipping Pull Ups. The bootcamp style circuits, etc...

But @clearcutfitness we care about giving you the most individualized experience and the MOST effective workouts so we do things a bit different.

Why Ang is a Great Athlete

Angela has mastered her body's ability to use her muscles elasticity (aka. efficient plyometrics) and she's worked up a crazy level of steady state cardio endurance to improve her running performance through the years.


Plyo work, and typical squats to "feel the burn" are not going to be as effective as teaching her body how to produce large amounts of force and stiffness in the joints to transfer energy into the ground efficiently.

How We Program For Ang

We programmed Angela's squats to have a slow eccentric, 1s pause at the bottom and nice and controlled on the way up (concentric). 5 sets of 2 reps at roughly 80% of her Max.

Oh and you can forget about full squats ass to grass, since when do marathon runners squat when running?

 We do half squats with Ang. This allows her to lift heavy but not go into a deep ROM that doesn't transfer well to her sport and may increases risk of injury because she's so damn tight. (Those runners muscles, I tell ya)

And what about building that Kim K booty? Squats CAN help, but Hip Thrusts and single leg exercises like lunges show higher glute activation than a full ROM back squat.

THIS is what's really going to improve her performance and help grow that 🍑.

Her body needs more mechanical tension via relatively heavy weights to get her to her goals.

Doing pull ups is another important exercise for Angela. The thought of doing a pull up scared her at first. In fact, she had never done one before! This is something we should work on for a few reasons:

1. Training the lats and the core together (with an exercise such as the pull up) strengthens your running stride and endurance. Legs aren't the only muscles working when you run. Strong lats and core let's you transfer energy better.

2. Building Strength and a balanced physique means you need proper muscle activation and if your lats ain't workin, you're gonna have a hard time getting better.

3. Plus who are kidding? Pull Ups are bad ass. We're focusing on getting Ang to engage her lats and set her shoulder blades properly for each rep. That's why we only do 2 reps per set with a band to assist her. Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. A bunch of shitty reps won't help. A few consistent proper reps will help engrain that movement pattern right into her head.

She's doing an amazing job at taking my annoying ass feedback and turning it into solid reps!

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