How to Maintain Your Fitness During a Boys (or Girls) Weekend Vacation


The summer is full of trips and parties so it can be difficult to maintain your fitness.

Take this weekend for example. I was up north for a friends bachelor party weekend in Muskoka. It was an insane amount of fun but it came at a price. I probably drank enough everyday to hit my daily recommended caloric intake in booze alone 😂  (seriously though). 

The food can seem difficult too. How do stay away from the endless amounts of food and chips?

The simple answer: you don't. You just have to know roughly how much you should eat in a day and be consciously aware of your portion sizes. 

 Despite all of the temptations there are some really easy things you can do to mitigate the side effects of a boys weekend.

1. Plan Your Nutrition Ahead of Time

We knew what we were getting ourselves into. Out of the 17 guys there, probably a handful of us prioritize health and fitness. We knew this so we bought our own food to grill. Instead of hotdogs, burgers and a side of chips all weekend. We bought our own salad mixes , burgers and tons of chicken to grill.

This worked out to roughly 40-50g protein per meal, about 20g fat and low carb unless it was a burger bun. We left room for all the booze to fill the rest of our daily calorie needs. 

Was our food still tasty? You bet. Was it any harder to make than hotdogs and chips? Not really. Was it worth it? 100%.



2. Workouts

We needed to keep our metabolism revving high during this weekend so we got a huge workout in the morning we left. This helped us burn energy throughout the day so it didn't all get stored as fat. 

 Normally, I'd bring a resistance band and do one of our Weekend Vacation Workouts and tons of swimming. This time, we left it out but 9/10 the band workout is in there so you can get a solid full body workout in under half an hour!

I love it because not only does it rev up your metabolism but it gets the blood flowing and the nervous system activated so you feel good the rest of the day. No more rough day long hangovers!*

*Speaking of hangovers - here’s our hangover cure to help you through those rough mornings and ready to tackle what the rest of the weekend has in store for you.


3. Don't Stress It

One weekend isn't really going to sabotage your long term goals. So do what you can to mitigate the damage but still enjoy yourself! Bachelor party weekends are literally once in a lifetime. Our little tips and tricks didn't take any extra time or effort out of the weekend activities!  


Here are a few quick tips that WILL help:

  • Opt for lower calorie beer if you’re drinking throughout the day. The average beer has about 100-120 calories. Lower alcohol beers will still give you a buzz (especially if you’re drinking all day) and they’re between 60-90 calories each beer. Molson 67 is a great option that’s still 3% alcohol and only 67 calories!

  • Ditch the chips for fruits, or beef jerky. I love beef jerky because it’s a solid source of protein and it’s also stocked with sodium - something you NEED while drinking to prevent further dehydration.

  • Drink a bottle/glass of water every 1-2 beers. This will make you feel better and fill you up a bit so you're less likely to eat more junk.

If you’re having trouble maintaining your nutrition and workouts when you go away for the weekend, drop us  a line. Helping people like yourself is literally what we do for a living, we’d love to boost your health and fitness, make you leaner and stronger!