Clear Cut Fitness is dedicated to providing you the best possible environment to help you succeed, get in the zone, and have some fun while you workout.

We know the fitness industry can be confusing. We've had to work our way through it ourselves. Our goal is to create a gym that will set you up with everything you need to be successful!

A gym with no b.s, no sketchy sales people, no pointless pieces of equipment, no "bro-science", etc.


We strive to create a motivating atmosphere. 

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We strive to be the best trainers who are educated, experienced, motivating, inspiring and always on top of our game. 

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We strive to make the most effective and customized Small Group Training Classes in order to benefit you the most. (insert pic)


What you see is what you get. Clear Cut Training, Clear Cut Results!



1370 Danforth Ave