Personal Training is an investment. So before you commit long term we want you to see how we do things. We want you to feel out our process and make sure you’re comfortable within our doors.

That’s why we created our Intro Package Special!

What You Get:

  • 3 One on One Personal Training Sessions ($270)

    In order to attain your BEST results we need to get to know each other. In the first few sessions you’ll get a feel of how we do things and we’ll learn the best way to train you for your body type, your goals and your mindset.

  • 7 Day Kickstarter Meal Plan ($99)

    Fitness goals go hand in hand with nutrition. We put together a healthy and simple 7 day meal plan that you can follow to supplement with your training.

  • 3 FREE Sessions for your Friends ($270)

    Accountability is one of the most important keys to success. You’re accountable to us as your trainers but we only see you a few hours a week. Giving this experience to your friends/family who also wants to get in shape will make you accountable to each other! You don’t wanna disappoint your bestie do ya? *(1 per person)

You get it all for $210+tax!

This is valued at $639.99….

That’s a savings of $429.99!

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