What Are Kettlebells Good For?

What Are Kettlebells Good For?

Starting Saturday June 22nd we're hosting a weekly Kettlebell drop in class that maxes out at 6 people.

 What's all the hype over kettlebells? Do they hold the secret to easy weight loss? Will they help you build strength and muscle?

 We're about to answer those questions for you.

 What Are Kettlebells Good For?

 Clear Cut Fitness loves kettlebells. They can help ignite your fat burning metabolism, improve your strength, power and Lean muscle mass! But, they're not for everyone.

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How to Maintain Your Fitness During a Boys (or Girls) Weekend Vacation

The summer is full of trips and parties so it can be difficult to maintain your fitness.

Take this weekend for example. I was up north for a friends bachelor party weekend in Muskoka. It was an insane amount of fun but it came at a price. I probably drank enough everyday to hit my daily recommended caloric intake in booze alone 😂  (seriously though). 

The food can seem difficult too. How do stay away from the endless amounts of food and chips?

The simple answer: you don't. You just have to know roughly how much you should eat in a day and be consciously aware of your portion sizes. 

 Despite all of the temptations there are some really easy things you can do to mitigate the side effects of a boys weekend. Read how!

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3 Things You Need To Know About Weightlifting After Babies

The time between having a baby and getting cleared for exercise is one of the most nerve racking times in a woman's life. It can feel like purgatory.


You're so happy about giving birth and adding to your family but you don't feel 100% like yourself. And it makes sense, your life has changed and your body has changed. It takes time to change it back.


One of the most important things you can do to help raise your child is to make sure YOU are happy and healthy. Being able to start exercising again, get the body you had pre-pregnancy (or even better than that) is something that you should prioritize.  

 The thing is - you can't just jump back into the weight room, or worse - a boot camp. Your body had gone through SO much. You have to slowly build yourself up so you can safely begin to increase your exercise intensity.

 Here are 5 things you NEED to know before you lift weights after giving birth!


1. Get cleared from a doctor to begin exercise and even more importantly, get cleared by a pelvic floor physio so you literally build a solid foundation from the inside out.

You can't just jump into a high intensity group class or boot camp. You need to slowly build up your deep core muscles around your hips to become stable before you begin bearing resistance. Make sure you get clearance from your doctor to start exercising. For most women 6-8 weeks post partum is pretty standard in terms of getting clearance. 

Depending on what type of labour you have there are different types of exercises to help rehab your pelvic floor and your abdomen. Working with a pelvic floor physio will fast track your recovery time and make sure you're progressing optimally and efficiently so you can get back to the weight room ASAP.

Prlvic floor physios are becoming highly sought after so try and book an appointment ASAP as well.



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What Shoes Should You Wear At The Gym?

Everyone has individual needs when it comes to footwear. Just getting "running shoes" won't cut it for the gym. Like anything - there are specific shoes for the situation.


For the gym, we want as flat of a shoe as possible. We also don't want anything too soft. This is be ause you're lifting heavy weights and we don't want the shoe collapsing underneath you forcing the wrong muscles to work at the wrong time. 

We want a stable base to press off of. Running shoes have different levels of support in different areas and they're meant to reflex when you hit the ground - this is the opposite of what we want with lifting and controlling weight. 

  *One exception are minimalistic shoes like New Balance Minimus. Although they're very flat, they'renot a super stiff sole. That's ok in this case because you have more contact with the ground which is stiff as hell!*

 What About Weightlifting Shoes?

Great question, weightlifting shoes are great for Olympic weightlifting as they're super stiff, offer lots of support and have an elevated heel which can help get lifters in a deeper position and more conducive to maintaining a vertical bar path. 

 But guess what?

 If you're not an Olympic lifter, you shouldn't be using them. They can mess with your ankle mobility and the general population needs A LOT more ankle mobility.


So What Are Some Great Gym Shoes? 

We love Nike Metcons and New Balance Minimus. Although they're not the only great gym shoes. man people love wearing Chucks because they're flat soled and hard. There are even more specific gym shoes we haven't tried yet so it's tough to recommend.

Moral of the story is: find a pair of flat soled shoes with support or something minimal that's as close to the ground as possible.

Ditch your running shoes and high school gym shoes that you've been wearing for 10 years. Get some real training shoes and get serious about your results!




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