What Are Kettlebells Good For?


Starting Saturday June 22nd we're hosting a weekly Kettlebell drop in class that maxes out at 6 people.

 What's all the hype over kettlebells? Do they hold the secret to easy weight loss? Will they help you build strength and muscle?

One things for sure... They look badass and intense. 

We're about to answer those questions for you.

 What Are Kettlebells Good For?

 Clear Cut Fitness loves kettlebells. They can help ignite your fat burning metabolism, improve your strength, power and Lean muscle mass! But, they're not for everyone.

Kettlebells require specific technique to perform properly and effectively. Performing a set without proper form significantly decreases the effectiveness of the exercise and also puts you at risk of a bad injury. Low back and rotator cuff are the first that come to mind.

I don't think you planned on not being able to walk or raise your arm overhead did you? Make sure you come get proper technique training before jumping into a class. 

Why are Kettlebells more dangerous than regular resistance training? 

There are a few reasons why KB exercises could be more dangerous.

  1. Most KB exercises require higher amounts of power output to complete the rep/set. Typically, the higher the power the higher the risk of injury. 

  2. Most KB exercises require large amounts of hip extension (hips thrusting backwards and forwards). Unfortunately, the large majority of the population has poor core and pelvic control which leads them to using their low back to extend and pull the weight up instead of the hips (glutes and hamstrings). 

  3. Most KB exercises are performed in a standing, upright position and utilizes the overhead position.  Anytime you do overhead exercises (any type of overhead press or walk or anything) there's a crazy about of tension placed on your core and low back. If you're fatigued and aren't thinking to brace your core you could end up with a disc or rotator cuff Injury.

What Does This Mean for You?

It means you better learn from a professional in order to maximize the benefits and decrease the risk of injury in this unique and fun type of workout.

What are the benefits to Kettlebell training?  Why do people put themselves through a workout that could potentially leave them injured?

Dont worry, the benefits largely outweigh the risks... You just gotta know how to do it right. 


Here’s How Kettlebells Can Make You Lean:

Kettlebells require power in order to get the weight up. Power requires a lot of energy and effort. You can't slowly lift the weight from the ground to overhead. You have to quickly and forcefully thrust the weight up and that requires a lot of energy. Not only that, but you're doing this for reps! If you've ever done a kettlebell workout , or even thrown a kettlebell exercise into your regular workout you'll remember heavily panting after just one set.

 This is the perfect storm for fat loss.

You're expending large amounts of energy in a small amount of time AND you're stimulating all the muscles in your body !

Unlike running - where you stimulate only the slow twitch fibers and primarily your legs (with a minimal range of motion), Kettlebells stimulate both fast twitch and slow twitch as well as working upper and lower body. This means your body has to spend energy as it tries to repair and replenish your muscles.

 Here’s How Kettlebells Can Make You Strong:

Anytime you lift a weight against gravity you stimulate your body’s ability to get stronger. Kettlebells are no exception.

The difference with kettlebells is that in order to do them properly you have to produce high amounts of power. When your body powerfully exerts force, your high threshold muscle fibers are recruited. This muscle fiber recruitment is the stimulus for your body to build strength and power.

How Can You Include Kettlebells Into Your Workout Program?

The beauty about kettlebells is that you don’t have to do them 5 days a week to see results. You can add them into your current resistance training program, OR you can add a full kettlebell workout 1-2 times a week in addition to regular resistance training. Both will still give you all of the benefits.

We couldn’t be more excited to have a high energy and highly effective kettlebell class open to our clients! Join us Saturdays at 9am to kickstart your weekend with an energizing, badass kettlebell workout!

email info@clearcut-fitness.com to reserve 1 of 6 spots today!