3 Key Supplements To Use When Sick


What's up Clear Cutters? Cold and Flu season is among us. We've got 4 Supplements that are proven to help reduce symptoms and help your body fight off the illness quicker than usual. Because nobody wants to be sick, especially when it's - 15 Celsius and you've got kids to take care of and work to do.

 1. Oregano Oil

Unfortunately, most things on this listing are like Buckley's, it tastes aweful, but it works. Oregano oil is no exception. 

When you purchase a bottle look at the dosage recommendations. They may differ brand to brand.  

2. Echinacea

Copy paste from Oregano oil, tastes gross but man does this ever help fight infection. I personally use a blend called "Echinaseal" that combines a few herbal remedies known to have a stimulating effect on your immune system.

3. Hydration! 

This obviously isn't a supplement, but staying hydrated no matter what sickness you have will help decrease the duration of being sick! 


Hydration isn't just water, it's a big part, but it's also electrolytes. Sodium, Potassium,  Magnesium and more. A healthy balance of water and electrolytes will help flush out a cold. It also ensures your body's metabolism and organs are working properly to provide you the performance you need. I don't just mean on field performance, I mean everyday life performance. Your heart, liver and brain all work better when hydrated properly.

How do we use these when we're sick? 

 I have a general tincture that I make with all 3! I put the recommended amount of echinaseal and oregano oil with a few sprinkles of salt into about 250ml water and chug it! (Trust me, you'll want to chug it).

 I've also experimented with other meat head ideas such as Creatine and BCAAS in the drink. Not sure if those additions actually help but I take  creatine daily anyways so might as well kill two birds with one stone. Also, I could argue that a proper amount of protein is also extremely beneficial for your immune system as your immune cells are largely comprised of proteins. Those added BCAAS just might help by stimulating protein synthesis.

 Anecdotally speaking, taking this tincture twice a day has decreased my common cold to about 1.5 days. Not bad if you ask me!


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