Why a Deadlift Party?

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The Deadlift Party


At Clear Cut Fitness we have a lot of amazing clients ranging from all sorts of fitness levels; beginners to intermediate to advanced and professional athletes. One thing that always surprises me is that at almost any level, there are people who have never barbell deadlifted.

WHAAAT?! That's one of my favourite exercises, it's so beneficial, but why have they squatted, bench pressed, rowed, pull up'd, cartwheeled and god knows what else, but haven't deadlifted?!

Naturally, I asked them why?

Most answered it's because:

  • They never learned how

  • They're intimidated by it

  • They either feel their low back too much, or they injured their back in the past

The first 2 are totally understandable. At Clear Cut, we always do our best in coaching you through the exercises, what you should and shouldn't be feeling as well as selecting a weight or exercise variation that won't be intimidating for you.

The third is not.

We make sure you don't injure yourself and set you up with what you need to lose fat, build muscle or improve sports performance. This means teaching proper technique and allowing yourself to reap ALL the benefits that the deadlift has to offer.

 Clear Cut Fitness loves Deadlifts, Drinks and our Clients.

What better way to show our appreciation than hosting a crazy fun event where everyone can work up to a new deadlift max, have a couple beveys with the crew and let loose. 

We had such a great time hosting this event. It had a HUGE turnout and best of all - EVERYBODY hit a new PR and built self-confidence to push it at the gym while having a good time.

Check out our highlight video of the party!


We're keeping the tradition going... This time around, it's a lifting party in general. Come test your strength with any lift and have some fun!

The next one is coming soon... April 21, 2018.

Where: Clear Cut Fitness, 1370 Danforth Ave

When: 12-5pm April 21, 2018

What to bring: Yourself, come in gym clothes, food and drinks will be provided but feel free to bring your own beverages.