What Is Real Strength?

Real Strength is a one of a kind group training program. It is designed to increase strength first and foremost. The beauty of it lies in the individual customization that you will not find in most other group training classes.

Some other group classes may market themselves as a "strength based class" to get strong, but don't be fooled. Without the use of a barbell, or relatively heavy dumbbells, you're not ACTUALLY strength training. You're just using a bit more weight than you would in a bootcamp which is nearly non-stop movement with mostly body weight exercises.

REAL Strength is different. We put the focus on Strength Training, with the use of barbells and whatever equipment that will help you get strong! We focus on improving the "Big 3 Lifts" (Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press), as well as other important movements such as pulls, rows, overhead presses, single leg work, and core work.



Believe it or not, strength training just might be the most important form of exercise you're currently not doing. Reason being that it's the only form of exercise which directly improves other aspects of fitness. Gaining Strength will help you to build more muscle and lose more fat by increasing the volume you can put on a muscle. It is the base of being more athletic and powerful. Power output, is limited by your max strength. The stronger you are, the more powerful you can be. Hell, it'll even improve endurance performance by improving movement efficiency so you make the most of each stride and so you don't lose energy during long races.


How Is It Customized?

By keeping the group size to a 4 person limit, we are able to design the secondary portion of the workout to your individual needs. As well as any corrective exercise needed which we perform in the warm-up. Strength is the focus, but from there you can choose whether your secondary goal is fat loss or muscle building.

This is something you do NOT get in a regular group ex class with 10+ people. Do you really think ONE instructor can properly coach a large group of people?

No chance.

At best, you'll have a few cues yelled at you which you might not even understand how to perform them.

Limiting class size allows me to spend an appropriate amount of time with each individual to help correct.


Why is this a set time frame Instead of a Drop in Class?

Drop in classes can be great, but programs generally produce better results.

Accountability - You become accountable to me, to yourself and to the other members who you'll get to know week in and week out as you push each other to improve.

Proper program design - this allows me to create the BEST possible programming as each session will be different and specific to your goals. Most group ex classes don't build on each other from workout to workout. Usually, classes I see are poorly designed with the only reason behind them is to make you sweat and burn energy. They're usually the same week in week out, and the exercise selection has no rhyme or reason. There are definitely some group classes that ARE designed very well, however, without a specific plan and progression for each workout you'll quickly hit a wall. My Strength programs are designed to improve your strength and accommodate your ability/strength levels.

How Long is the Program/ How Often are the Workouts?

There are 2 workouts a week for 12 weeks. 12 weeks is the ideal amount of time to see a great amount of improvements in Strength AND Body Composition!

Each Workout/Class runs between 50-60mins

What does the program cost?

This is the best part! It's only $35/session! The total for the 12 weeks is $840 (plus tax)! That's the average price of one month of personal training with me. You're getting classes that still have the customization of personal training for just over 1/3 the price!

Are there any perks to signing up?

Of course. Apart from the perks of looking and feeling amazing.

You get special wholesale prices on 3 of the most important supplements! Each of these are scientifically and anecdotally proven to help improve strength, gain muscle and lose fat. They're all very safe and cost efficient.

We deal with Allmax Nutrition as their BCAAs, Creatine and Protein are very good quality and very well priced.

1. BCAAs - Aminocore 1166g

regular price: $74.99 + tax

Your price: $60 + tax

2. Creatine - 1000g

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3. Protein - Isonatural 5lbs

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