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 Do you feel like summer kicked you in the face? You spent winter and spring prepping your health and fitness for the beautiful summer weather. Looking back, you had a great time. Looking in the mirror, you might be thinking “I had a few too many aperol spritz”.

Summer is unfortunately coming to and end… BUT, there’s always a plus side to everything.

Summer’s end means you can get back into a great routine. Kids are going back to school, work is ramping back up and patios are closing.

What does that mean for you?

It means it’s time to take control of your health and fitness with our 90 Day Transformation.

We know how it feels coming off the summer in Toronto. You feel like you took a step backwards and it’s going to be tough to make it to your goals.

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That’s WHY we created this program. We made this program to help you overcome EVERY obstacle that makes it tough to get fit. Here’s what we help you with:

  • Individual Programming Adjustments - Cookie Cutter programs don’t work well for everyone. You need customization to a certain degree in order to get the most out of your workouts. Our program has a base workout. Our expert coaches have the ability to tweak it to your level. If you can’t do a pull up yet, don’t worry - we’ve got a great variation for you that’ll be more effective.

  • Accountability - This is HUGE. Without accountability you’re more likely to put off training for other life factors like dinner parties or casual drinks. This program helps you stay accountable to yourself, your trainer AND the rest of the group. Consistency is truly the most important factor of reaching fitness goals.

  • Nutrition - Working out on it’s own will help increase your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day but if you REALLY wanna ramp up the fat loss, you NEED to eat right. Our 90 Day Transformation program comes with a recipe book with over 30 healthy recipes.  On top of that, you have access to portion size guides and you can ask your coach any question at any time regarding nutrition.

  • The Power of Resistance Training - Some gyms and trainers really promote their boot camps for fat loss. There’s nothing wrong with that, but research has shown that lifting weights will increase fat loss more than just body weight and cardio alone. Bootcamps are a good supplemental workout, but the bread and butter of a fit and healthy body is strength.

Are you craving to: 

  • Get into a healthy routine after a long busy summer

  • Take control of your health and fitness by staying accountable

  • Learn how to lift while having the attention of personal training in a small group setting

 Then you are going to want to join us!

We start Monday September 8th, 2019 and end on Monday December 2nd, 2019!

…..But we want to ask you something:

Have you been struggling with your fitness goals, work and family? 

Feeling like you can’t juggle all at once?

This is the common theme I see with the moms and dads we work with.

We all want and desire things, but the difference between those who are successful and those who are not usually comes down to 2 simple things:

#1 A solid & proven plan of action

#2 Accountability 

We can say that with confidence, because we’ve personally seen it over and over again with our clients. Which is why we have created our 90 Day Transformation Program: Fit for Fall.

Starting Monday September 9th, 2019 we invite you to embark on 12 week journey with us.

Introducing Fit for Fall


  • Transformation Success Manual

  • 3 Phase Fat Torching Workouts

  • Advanced Cardio Protocol

  • 3 Phase Nutrition Protocol 

  • Recipe Book (30+ recipes)

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Private Facebook Community

    ***BONUS: Home & travel workouts, full body Tabata workouts, mobility workouts and the plateau buster checklist

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Registration deadline: September 1st, 2019

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